Trust Elysha’s Cleaning of St. Albert with your Bio HazardTrauma Scene, and Crime Scene Clean Up.

Bio Hazard Clean Up

You may not be aware, but biohazards can be found anywhere including in your own home! They’re not just limited to human blood and body fluids but also animal wastemicrobiological wastespathological waste, and sharps.
Our professional team will respond to your call and remove, clean, and disinfect the contaminated area. Not anyone can do this job, because of the risks involved it requires all the correct training, equipment, certification, and licensing. Contact us today to learn more!

Trauma Scene Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if it’s a natural or unnatural death, we’ll be able to give you peace of mind. Our extremely professional team is trained to come into your home or place of business during an emotional time to clean up while giving you the time to heal with your family and friends.

Crime Scene Clean Up

Our team of experts are available to clean up a variety of crime scenes. Some of these services include but are not limited to grow operations and drug labs in homes as well as tear gas cleaning.

We are professionally trained and will treat your situation with respect.  To learn more contact us today.