If your home has experienced smoke or fire damage, it’s important to act fast. In a snap, your furniture and flooring can become unsalvagable because they’re often synthetic and when charred creates chemical reactions. Our restoration team understands these chemical combinations and can clean and restore not only your belongings but your home free of smoke and fire damage! 

Smoke and soot can settle on your surfaces and possessions throughout your home causing further damage. Smoke is also thrust throughout your home by heat, that combined with humidity can form corrosive residues. We use the top equipment throughout the restoration process to clean your home of etching, pitting and chemical burns.

Not only do we restore your home, we also provide the services to rid your home of the odour of a fire. In addition to that, we board up homes that have suffered a fire.

We are professionally trained and have the right equipment for the job, to learn more contact us today!

Smoke and Fire Restoration